Lies, Manipulation and Fraud

As I begin everyday, i open up my browser, and a plethora of news sites pop up. Its what I enjoy, and gives me a pretty good perspective of to whats going on in the country and world. Of course, the sites that I look at first skew to the right, and I saw a very interesting article.

“[T]he results overall represent a sharp turnaround in fortune for Obama and his party, which just a month ago were ascendant over the Republicans in views of the budget dispute that led to a partial government shutdown. Today 45 percent of Americans call Obama “too liberal,” matching the high, and 46 percent say the same about the Democratic Party. And perhaps adding insult to injury, registered voters divide numerically in Mitt Romney’s favor, 49-45 percent, if they had a mulligan for the 2012 presidential election. While the difference between the two is within the poll’s error margin, Obama’s support is 6 points below his actual showing a year ago.”

Amazing! Obama has done something so awful, that if Americans could do it over again, they wouldn’t vote for him. Which got me to thinking. This is just a generic question. What could it be that hes done, that would change so many minds? Alright, that may be an easy one. Tax hikes, Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS scandals to name a few. 

I was a bit annoyed by that story, but then I saw this. Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report. Without you having to actually click the link, the story goes into detail on how fraud led to a sharp decrease in the unemployment numbers right before the election. As we know, this development led Obama to claim that what he was doing was working. Thus, the slim lead he held, grew, and therefore won the election. 

I thought after the first election that there was fraud involved, and that someone, somewhere knows that he cheated his way in, but since nothing ever came to light, passed it off as fair. I didn’t like it, but was forced to accept it. 

Now, as more and more stories come in about things being skewed in the media regarding the lead up to the election, I seem to have a better reason to doubt the fact that this is a legitimate presidency. 


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