Minimum Wage and Congress

A friend of mine, who I’ve disagreed with often since I was 10 years old, wrote something on his Facebook page today.

Let’s take the congress and pay them minimum wage and not supply them with health care ….. Might it change their attitudes? I know most of them are worth millions.”

At first glance, I almost agreed. Then my rational mind kicked in. What good would it do to pay them minimum wage? They’re already worth millions, and would easily live off of the money they’ve already earned. They worked hard for it at one point, or at minimum, risked what they had to build their fortune. Good for them. 

As I thought about it a little more, I was reminded of something I read a long time ago. It may have been Ayn Rand, but I’m not sure. There is a thought, that the people that we should have in power, are the people who are most resistant to it. Living off of the government, making that a career, should not be a goal. If one wants to serve their country by trying to make laws to make this country better, I think that is noble. But the goal should be to get it done, make changes, and get out.

The part I agree with is, we pay our congressmen too much. In my humble opinion, I don’t think they should be paid at all! There is no reason for Congress to be a full time job. When it was created, Congress was a part time job. Everyone that served, had jobs or businesses at home that they went back to. Only going to Washington, or Philadelphia, for a few weeks to get what needed to be done, done. 

Minimum wage is something that has been a major topic in the news for the last few months. Minimum wage workers demanding to get a pay increase. Most of them are demanding $10.10, some as much as $15 an hour. 

Notice I did not say request. They are not asking their bosses if they deserve to get a raise to $10.10, they’re demanding Congress does it. It doesn’t matter what their employer thinks they are worth, or what they can afford. 

What makes them think that they are worth $10.10? What makes the government think that this is an issue they need to take up? 3% of this country’s workforce is making minimum wage. Most of those are kids. These aren’t people who are raising a house full of kids, in most cases. 

That number not withstanding. Why should the kid, freshly hired out of high school, make $10.10 at McDonald’s? What is he doing that I cannot? There are weeks where I don’t make that much an hour. I work in a field that I chose, and very much enjoy doing. Usually, I make a decent living, and earn every cent. However, being commission based, some weeks suck. Should I call my congressman, and tell him I need a raise? Or, should I just work harder, and make sure I sell more? 

Not only will cost go up, on everything, if the minimum wage is raised to over $10, but many of those people making minimum wage will lose their jobs. Funny how businesses who are making money, would like to keep making money. 



A bit disjointed today, and not as well written as I’d like, but I needed to write. I’ll get my style back


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