Media Bias

Thanks for checking in, and reading my posts. Generally speaking, it’s about things I’m concerned about, or am thinking about on any particular day. Hopefully you find it interesting, and thought provoking. Thanks to my wife for proofing my writings. She’s pretty fantastic.

I touched on yesterday, about media bias, slanting heavily towards Clinton. In my eyes, as someone who watches no news, can see it. I wake up every morning, scan through a few websites, listen to the news on my local radio station, get to my office, turn on national news radio, and read up on some things that caught my attention when I woke up. It’s the same thing, every day.

There was a story last week, talking about whether there is a bias in the media, on my local radio station. This isn’t a station that talks about national issues, without getting it from ABC. It was the lead story, and they had interviews throughout the morning about the subject. Web poll, message line, ect.

The interview that caught my attention, was with a ‘journalist’ from ABC, who was insistent that there was no media bias, and everything that was reported on from ABC, was neutral, with no opinion added.

The news anchor (news reader) on my local station, made a statement that there was no way that there was a bias in media, because he would have seen it. He, of course, has been part of the media for the last 45 years.

Here is the kicker I got from this conversation. Immediately after the interview was over, the news reader who just claimed his unbiased nature, read a story, slamming Trump for something, and applauding Hillary for not doing it. I don’t remember what the situation was.

What I do remember, is that, Hillary had some more damning evidence come out, THAT DAY, regarding her email scandal. What was reported about this, is that there was no reason for her to be concerned about this, because it is old news.

A quick search on Google, you can find a whole list of issues with the Democrat’s nominee. Here is a quick list, if you need to get caught up. 22 biggest Hillary scandals. Do your research, of course. No one source should be trusted.

Moving away from strictly politics here, we need to look at the media as a whole, and their bias, and pushing stories the way they want them to go.

Michael Brown, who was shot by a uniformed police officer, was immediately shown as “The gentle giant.” His parents had told the media how much of a great kid he was, and how he was so great to everyone. It was the white police officer who screwed up.  He was out looking to kill a black guy. Brown had his hands in the air, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Shot for no reason.

Never mind the fact that he had just knocked over a convenience store, shoved the employee to the ground, was being sought for that robbery, and went after the cop when confronted. That part doesn’t matter.

More recently, Keith Scott, was shot and killed by an officer, serving a warrant. There is video of officers telling him to put down the gun. His friends went to the nearest camera, and told everyone how great he was, and that he was just reading a book, peacefully, in his car. Shot for no reason.

Never mind the fact that he had a gun, was told repeatedly to put it down. Don’t worry about the past felony convictions, the fact that he had used a firearm in the past for crimes, or that he was on parole. That part doesn’t matter.

Both instances resulted in riots. This is not uncommon anymore in this country. The media shows it as out of control cops, looking to kill. Black men are being persecuted for being black. Executed for being black.

But the truth is rarely reported. Weeks, even months later, after all the violence after the fact, it may be touched on. They pushed a narrative that they wanted to push, let the repercussions happen, then walk away.

Of course, anyone who wants to actually know what happened, can go find it. There are enough sources out there, that can be found. However, there are too many people, who don’t care what else there is.

Freddie Gray was killed by police in Baltimore for being black. Riots ensued. The prosecutor in Baltimore, charged all 6 officers involved with murder or manslaughter. Not one was convicted. Every single charge was thrown out, because there was zero evidence to show any intent to kill, or indifference to his conditions.

All of these stories, were headline news for weeks. It started every newscast. Print, radio, and video. When the false story had produced what it was supposed to, the media slipped away, briefly mentioning the truth that they couldn’t wait for, weeks or months later.

I’m biased. I know I am. I tell everyone. My thoughts and opinions clearly show how I think. I don’t mind if people are biased. I really don’t. It’s what makes us unique. However, when I’m gathering information, I want to know who is biased, and in which direction.

When I read the news in the morning, I read a story that interests me. Then, as I should, I read the opposing view. Or the same story from a site that confirms, or refutes the story I just read.

My father told me when I was young. Don’t believe anything you hear, and only believe half of what you see. That’s stuck with me for 25 years. Take that advice the next time the news comes on, and tells you what is going on around you.


Author: Reagan Fuller

I'm a typical Buffalonian, save for the fact that I'm Conservative, and am a Redskins fan. I love chicken wings, and a good micro brew. (IPA to be more specific) I enjoy the snow, especially if I can ski it. Give me a blizzard over a hurricane any day!

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