I Will Not Ask You To Register

I’m curious about just about everything. I’m skeptical of just about everything. It’s easy to see the politics in everything, if you’re looking at it at the right angle. Even things that are not supposed to be, ie. Google, Facebook, sports, charities.

When Google gives you suggestions, or sites to visit per a query that you typed in, you should get an unbiased view of what you’re looking for. Over and over, we’ve seen that not be the case regarding this election cycle. Trump not being listed as a candidate, Hillary’s scandals not showing up in searches, ect. Facebook was showing only what they wanted to in the ‘trending now’ section of the news feed, and disregarding things that go against what they want their readers to believe.

What brings this up today, actually has to do with WordPress. I haven’t seen any bias here from WordPress. Everything I read, is from other users. Not WordPress itself, so I cannot call bias here. But, something that was suggested to me, brought this to mind again.

I was encouraged to put a ‘Register to Vote’ link on my page. I’m political here. Those of you that are reading this, know that I am.  There is something that keyed you to check my site out. Trending topic, you followed me from other posts, whatever. If you’re reading this, you’re already politically involved.

What drives me crazy, is the fact that Google, Facebook and others are forcing this. When you turn 18, you have a choice to register to vote. It’s not a requirement, but a right. If you choose not to be involved, that’s up to you, and you can change your mind at any time.

You cannot miss this year’s election cycle. It’s everywhere. From comedy to music, sports and general pop culture. If you still haven’t decided to register to vote at this point, you don’t care. You’ve decided to disengage yourself from politics, and not know what is going on with it.

That’s fine. That is your purgative, and choice. Why should I encourage people, who have no idea of what’s going on, to vote? We have enough uneducated people voting already.

This next point is going to be very unpopular.

Voting is a right. Your duty as an American. It’s also your duty to make yourself informed to make a wise decision. Far too many people cannot tell you the views and positions of their selected candidate. They simply going to vote because there is an R or D next to the name.

While there are many times that I end up voting party line, it’s not because I blindly choose them, it’s because I believe in what that candidate stands for, in relation to what I believe.

I’m going to propose something that was eliminated many years ago, for being racist. It was then, but is not now.

When blacks were first given the right to vote, in the South, they were given a test, to prove that they were smart enough to vote. Completely wrong! At the time, in the segregated south, most blacks were not given the opportunity to learn in school. Most could not read or write. Given the opportunity, if the whites were given the same test at the time, they would have not been able to pass either. Blatantly racist, and absolutely wrong!

In 2016, I wish there were a similar test. Not excluding anyone. In order to vote, you have to take a test. Not of general knowledge of course, but of what the candidates stand for. 4 questions for each candidate. Answer 80% or better on their positions, and you can vote. Anything less than that, you should be deemed an uneducated voter, and not allowed to vote.

Study for this test! Have it via computer at the voting site. Make it available via phone while you’re at the voting site. Can’t read? No problem. Have it available audibly. Make people truly understand what they are voting for. Not the garbage that is being spewed by both candidates, trying to make the other look bad. Make your arguments based on policy. Let people understand what they are voting for. Then make the population prove it.

Of course this won’t happen. It’ll be deemed racist, sexist, homophobic or some other –ist somehow. The establishment doesn’t want an informed delegate anyhow. They’ll end up being called out for their corruption.

So, in conclusion, if you’re educated on the issues, you’re already registered to vote. If you’re not informed on them, who cares? You’re not going to vote anyhow, or at least shouldn’t.  I will not be asking anyone if they have, or if they would register.


Author: Reagan Fuller

I'm a typical Buffalonian, save for the fact that I'm Conservative, and am a Redskins fan. I love chicken wings, and a good micro brew. (IPA to be more specific) I enjoy the snow, especially if I can ski it. Give me a blizzard over a hurricane any day!

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