This President

I’ve always thought that if I’m going to write, I’ll do it with a mostly positive outlook, and have a lot of generalities in it. However, I’m a little upset this morning, about this country’s president, Barrack Obama.

I am becoming enraged at the violence that is happening in Ferguson, MO. I am incensed about the violence that is happening in Iraq and Syria by the hands of ISIS. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why the IRS is able to target conservatives. I am upset about the flood of illegals coming across our southern border.

I sit behind my desk everyday, read articles about all of these things, and ask, ‘why is our government not as concerned as I am?’

Case in point. With all of these atrocities going on around the world, and the scandals that are happening in this country, why is the president still on vacation?

The Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, has cut his vacation short. Not only because an American journalist was brutally beheaded by this sadistic terrorist group, but also because the animal in the video, who cut the journalists head off, had a British accent, and he is doing what he can to figure it out.

I understand that the Prime Minister can’t do much in this situation. He is not a voice expert. It wasn’t a British citizen that was killed. However, the optics of him being away when one of his citizens, potentially, is at the center of a terrorist video, are awful.

So why is it, that the President of the United States can’t care enough of his own people to at least make a show of the fact that he cares?

The situation that is happening in Ferguson, MO features thugs, opportunists, and anarchists, looting, killing and generally making a mockery of the system. While people are dying in the streets, riots taking place, the President is at a Jazz concert, or dancing the night away.

Instead of dealing with the situation, and asking the people there to calm down, and wait for the facts, he’s out on the golf course.

George W. Bush gave up golfing while president after the World Trade Center attacks. He believed that it wouldn’t look good, if he were out on the golf course, while his military was out fighting and dying for this country.

How come this president doesn’t care enough to do that?

There are now 80,000 fighters for the terrorist group ISIS. 30,000 in Iraq, and 50,000 in Syria. This President has called them a JV team. How does he not realize that this group is looking to take over everything in the Middle East? Their goal is to eliminate Israel, and the USA.

Which brings me to another point, and furthers the case for this President’s ineptness. It was just announced, that we are going to send arms to Turkey. Turkey has ties with Hamas, who’s goal is also the destruction of Israel.

Israel is our only ally in the region, and a strong democratic country. Tough people, who have survived tough times as long as they’ve been in existence. However, one of the reasons that they are as tough as they are, besides their resolve, is the USA. We have supplemented their military with arms in the past. In my opinion, as they are our ally in the region, we should continue.

That doesn’t matter to this President, though. With the war between Hamas and Israel waging, an anti Semitic wave is taking over. This president seems to have been caught up in it, as he’s stopped all shipments to Israel. Since when do we not support those who support us? Since when do we support anti Semitic countries, and those who want to see us cease our existence?

I’ve reached my tipping point with this President. Too many issues have gone unchecked, un-cared for, and to many scandals not looked in to.

When did being President turn into a part time job? This President needs to take some accountability, take the time to take his job seriously.

Thank God we only have 2 years left. It can’t come quick enough.


Obama leaves his remarks on Foley beheading, and (BIG SURPRISE!) goes straight to the golf course.



Minimum Wage and Congress

A friend of mine, who I’ve disagreed with often since I was 10 years old, wrote something on his Facebook page today.

Let’s take the congress and pay them minimum wage and not supply them with health care ….. Might it change their attitudes? I know most of them are worth millions.”

At first glance, I almost agreed. Then my rational mind kicked in. What good would it do to pay them minimum wage? They’re already worth millions, and would easily live off of the money they’ve already earned. They worked hard for it at one point, or at minimum, risked what they had to build their fortune. Good for them. 

As I thought about it a little more, I was reminded of something I read a long time ago. It may have been Ayn Rand, but I’m not sure. There is a thought, that the people that we should have in power, are the people who are most resistant to it. Living off of the government, making that a career, should not be a goal. If one wants to serve their country by trying to make laws to make this country better, I think that is noble. But the goal should be to get it done, make changes, and get out.

The part I agree with is, we pay our congressmen too much. In my humble opinion, I don’t think they should be paid at all! There is no reason for Congress to be a full time job. When it was created, Congress was a part time job. Everyone that served, had jobs or businesses at home that they went back to. Only going to Washington, or Philadelphia, for a few weeks to get what needed to be done, done. 

Minimum wage is something that has been a major topic in the news for the last few months. Minimum wage workers demanding to get a pay increase. Most of them are demanding $10.10, some as much as $15 an hour. 

Notice I did not say request. They are not asking their bosses if they deserve to get a raise to $10.10, they’re demanding Congress does it. It doesn’t matter what their employer thinks they are worth, or what they can afford. 

What makes them think that they are worth $10.10? What makes the government think that this is an issue they need to take up? 3% of this country’s workforce is making minimum wage. Most of those are kids. These aren’t people who are raising a house full of kids, in most cases. 

That number not withstanding. Why should the kid, freshly hired out of high school, make $10.10 at McDonald’s? What is he doing that I cannot? There are weeks where I don’t make that much an hour. I work in a field that I chose, and very much enjoy doing. Usually, I make a decent living, and earn every cent. However, being commission based, some weeks suck. Should I call my congressman, and tell him I need a raise? Or, should I just work harder, and make sure I sell more? 

Not only will cost go up, on everything, if the minimum wage is raised to over $10, but many of those people making minimum wage will lose their jobs. Funny how businesses who are making money, would like to keep making money. 



A bit disjointed today, and not as well written as I’d like, but I needed to write. I’ll get my style back

SNAP Conversation with my WIfe

Sunday, which happened to be the first of the month, my wife Nancy and I went to the store to pick up some groceries, and look around at the toys for Michael, We weren’t going to be long, just a quick trip. We don’t grocery shop often, because we live within our means. We get what we need, and make it last as long as we can. We have other things going on. We don’t starve, but we don’t eat steak very often either.

So, as we were walking through the store, Nancy coming up behind us, and Michael on the front of the cart, we stop to look at a treat that was set up in the center of the isle. Around the corner comes 4 adults, and 2 children, pushing 4 carts. Two adults were about 45-50, and the other 2 were early 20’s. The children were about 3 and 5 who were in the carts,. Initially, my thought was, wow, thats a whole lot of bagels. Perhaps those children like bagel pizzas. Birthday party maybe.

As the fourth cart rounded the corner, it occurred to me. Maybe it was the cart full of steak and sausage, or maybe the one that was loaded to the top with cheese, or maybe even the one that had 3 cases of soda and 10 bags of chips that pushed my mind into gear. Nancy, Michael and I don’t eat that much in month, and would be pushing it for two months.

As I lamented the fact that there are so many takers in this society, I began think about the statistics that I’ve see over the last year. In the last 5 years, food stamps have increased by 67.5%. A ridiculous rate, and by people who no doubt are abusing the system.

Before I go any further, I’d like to mention that I do know that there are plenty of people who need help. However, before food stamps came along, we as a country were able to take care of them. Churches, The Salvation Army, and other community organizations took care of them. Never was it a thought that the government should be the one to do that. When I give money to The Salvation Army, its because I want to help. When the government takes from me to give to people, its against my will. I have the money to do good, and I think I should be able to put it where I want. Not to people who take advantage of the system. I digress.

I got home from work last night, and Nancy and I talked about our days. She, at some point during the conversation, brought up that she talked about it with her dad Kenneth. I’ve always known Mr Robbins to be a pretty conservative guy, however, the next words I heard took me by surprise. He said “They are professional consumers. They add 20% to the economy by feeding the entire line of the production and distribution.” Add to that I’ve seen the numbers the government puts out is ‘For every $5, $9 is added to the economy.

What?! Again. What?! How is this possible? Taking five dollars from me, and spending MY money of things for you, somehow makes 4 dollars appear? The math doesn’t add up. These people on the food stamps aren’t spending their own money. They’re spending mine. So, we’re taking that $5, and moving it to people who don’t, and magically! turn it into $9?

The theory might go like this. Because we now are letting more people buy food, we are keeping people employed all the way down the chain. However, this can’t hold up either. If I had the extra $5 in my pocket, chances are, I’m going to spend it on Michael or Nancy. Therefore, keeping all those jobs solvent. In fact, because I wouldn’t buy anymore food with it, I would spread that $5 around, and keep more people in business, by doing business with more companies.

Growing up in the country, I’ve had my share of experiences with leaches. Once they attach, they begin sucking blood from you for food. They are difficult to get off, and have no other function. How can a leach continue to prosper if it is no longer on the host? There is only one of the two that benefits from the leach being attached to the host, and its the leach.

Translate this to the common leach on food stamps. They cannot benefit the people who are actually producing, because they’re not the ones earning the the money to pay the producers. If I’m paying them to eat (have a house, stay warm, be treated at hospitals) how does that create more growth? I can spend my own hard earned dollars better than they can, as I’ll buy what I want, and support the business’ that I think have earned my money.

The reason, by the way, that the leach is better  than the average food stamp recipient, is that at least the leach will work to eat.

I refuse to believe the garbage that comes out of the government. I will not be forced to think that giving up ANY of my money for the betterment of others by force is a good idea. As I always ask to people around me, when the government runs out of other peoples money, what happens then?


I’ve talked with friends of mine, most of whom are not politically connected, and tell them how bad it is, especially for the Conservatives in this country. I’ve often told them that at some point, there will be a rise of the quiet majority who have had enough, and take back what is theirs. 

I read a story this morning about Pro-Immigration supporters who decided to storm a house of Eric Cantor. The opinion by-line asked “when was the last time conservatives stormed anything?” (

The question posed has nothing to do with the point of the story, more the way it was asked. Why haven’t conservatives risen up to this point? We see our rights being more and more limited everyday, forced to pay more in taxes to support a government that can’t pass, let alone live with a budget. 

When does the revolution begin? Who starts it? There are more things going on now, that restrict what we can do, more taxes than we’ve ever had before, and there is no sign of it coming to an end anytime soon. Our forefathers fought a revolution because they were being taxed by a tyrant. 

What is the difference here? Obamacare is a bill that is despised by more than half the US population, yet it was passed. It creates another tax on those who work, only to give it to people who don’t. The percentage of taxation that the King wanted from the colonies was nothing, and they revolted. We were all taught it while we were young. No taxation without representation. 

Who is representing us now? We have elections, but which government branch have we elected that has kept his or her promises? Which one of them has told us what we wanted to hear, then did exactly that? While some of the population believes that we should continue paying these tax rates, most of us don’t. Those that do have a socialist mindset, or are the ones among us that just continue to leach off the system.

When does it begin? When do the ones who have been quietly watching this country slip into complacency stop letting it all just happen and revolt? Will it take an even bigger money grab by the government from the people who actually produce things in this country?

Atlas Shrugged suggests that the doers in this country will simply stop doing. An actual war type revolution may never happen, and I’m okay with that. But at some point, it will be too much. What happens then?

The revolution is coming.  In one way or another its coming. Eventually, we will run out of other peoples money. 

Lies, Manipulation and Fraud

As I begin everyday, i open up my browser, and a plethora of news sites pop up. Its what I enjoy, and gives me a pretty good perspective of to whats going on in the country and world. Of course, the sites that I look at first skew to the right, and I saw a very interesting article.

“[T]he results overall represent a sharp turnaround in fortune for Obama and his party, which just a month ago were ascendant over the Republicans in views of the budget dispute that led to a partial government shutdown. Today 45 percent of Americans call Obama “too liberal,” matching the high, and 46 percent say the same about the Democratic Party. And perhaps adding insult to injury, registered voters divide numerically in Mitt Romney’s favor, 49-45 percent, if they had a mulligan for the 2012 presidential election. While the difference between the two is within the poll’s error margin, Obama’s support is 6 points below his actual showing a year ago.”

Amazing! Obama has done something so awful, that if Americans could do it over again, they wouldn’t vote for him. Which got me to thinking. This is just a generic question. What could it be that hes done, that would change so many minds? Alright, that may be an easy one. Tax hikes, Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS scandals to name a few. 

I was a bit annoyed by that story, but then I saw this. Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report. Without you having to actually click the link, the story goes into detail on how fraud led to a sharp decrease in the unemployment numbers right before the election. As we know, this development led Obama to claim that what he was doing was working. Thus, the slim lead he held, grew, and therefore won the election. 

I thought after the first election that there was fraud involved, and that someone, somewhere knows that he cheated his way in, but since nothing ever came to light, passed it off as fair. I didn’t like it, but was forced to accept it. 

Now, as more and more stories come in about things being skewed in the media regarding the lead up to the election, I seem to have a better reason to doubt the fact that this is a legitimate presidency. 


I’ve gotten away from writing over the last 4 years, and have decided to do it again. I was “discovered” by a very entertaining writer while I was on MySpace, (Yeah, that was long ago) and thrived. But, things happen, life and a real job gets in the way, and I stopped. 

Now, since I’ve got a desk job, and more down time than I used to have, I’d like to share with the world my views and thoughts on various issues. 

My main topics are Politics and sports. I have a great passion for both, and talk about them regularly with friends and coworkers, but need another place to express my thoughts. 

I look forward to writing, and for you to garnish a bit of entertainment, provide some insightful thoughts, and increase your intelligence so that you too can have better conversations outside the confines of the Web. 

Glad to be back!