Be Offended

Be Offended

I’ve never been offended in my life. Ever. I know its hard to believe, especially in this current culture, where everyone needs to be offended by everything. I’ve been called some of the worst things that can be spoken to someone, and yet, never offended. I have friends who disagree with me 100% of the time on most topics. However, somehow, we remain friends. Because we can respect each others opinions, and find common ground in the things we know each other for

I played golf with a group last week, and had a similar discussion. He was a friend of a friend, who embraces the hipster mentality. Which is fine. Not my thing, but it seems to work for him. We were talking about how easily people are offended. I asked him what the last thing he was offended about. Of all things, it was a bumper sticker.

I looked at him, and told him I’ve never been offended. This shocked him. He couldn’t understand why. The argument to not be offended is simple. Why let someone get to you so easily? What do they have that is so great, that you need their acceptance? He said, ‘That’s a great way to look at life. I think I’m going to take that to heart. What a great way to live.’

As the day wore on, and we played awful golf, we talked and joked about this and that. After our round, we went for drinks and lunch. The conversation went to politics, hunting, guns, and any number of things.

I’ve been called faggot, retard, crazy, gay…mostly anything you can think of, I’ve been called it. Again, never being offended.

In the conversation, pertaining to politics in this instance, his beliefs and thoughts he had made it clear to what he was. Very on point, spewing things that he has read. Very well I might add. All the points that would sway a suggestible mind.

So, of course, being who I am, I called him out. ‘So, you’re a socialist.’

I’ve never seen someone go from 0-100 so quickly. He assured me that he wasn’t, and told me he took personal offense to it.

‘How can that be? We talked earlier about you not taking offense to anything anymore, because what you value should have no bearing on what I think about it.’

He was so upset by what I had said, he couldn’t speak. Of course I was right, and he knew it. But that’s not the point.

The point is, there is no reason, at all, to be offended by what others say to you. Nothing you see should offend you. Harambe has been banned by colleges, for being ‘rape culture’. Sombrero’s are no longer allowed for Cinco de Mayo. Christmas nativity scenes are offensive to see in public. Men acting like men is egregious.  Why?!

Because we now live in a culture of ME. Forget everything else, my emotions need to be addressed now. You are a poison, and I don’t like it. I need to speak to a counselor, because you hurt my feelings. I was offended by you stating your opinion.

Read this part closely. Your feelings don’t matter to anyone else, nor should they. What you are complaining about today, will not affect your tomorrow. The world doesn’t agree with you. You are not a special little snowflake. You are insignificant to anyone more than 5 feet from you. You being offended isn’t changing anything. No one cares. Get over yourself.

“You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.” –Tyler Durden



I’ve talked with friends of mine, most of whom are not politically connected, and tell them how bad it is, especially for the Conservatives in this country. I’ve often told them that at some point, there will be a rise of the quiet majority who have had enough, and take back what is theirs. 

I read a story this morning about Pro-Immigration supporters who decided to storm a house of Eric Cantor. The opinion by-line asked “when was the last time conservatives stormed anything?” (

The question posed has nothing to do with the point of the story, more the way it was asked. Why haven’t conservatives risen up to this point? We see our rights being more and more limited everyday, forced to pay more in taxes to support a government that can’t pass, let alone live with a budget. 

When does the revolution begin? Who starts it? There are more things going on now, that restrict what we can do, more taxes than we’ve ever had before, and there is no sign of it coming to an end anytime soon. Our forefathers fought a revolution because they were being taxed by a tyrant. 

What is the difference here? Obamacare is a bill that is despised by more than half the US population, yet it was passed. It creates another tax on those who work, only to give it to people who don’t. The percentage of taxation that the King wanted from the colonies was nothing, and they revolted. We were all taught it while we were young. No taxation without representation. 

Who is representing us now? We have elections, but which government branch have we elected that has kept his or her promises? Which one of them has told us what we wanted to hear, then did exactly that? While some of the population believes that we should continue paying these tax rates, most of us don’t. Those that do have a socialist mindset, or are the ones among us that just continue to leach off the system.

When does it begin? When do the ones who have been quietly watching this country slip into complacency stop letting it all just happen and revolt? Will it take an even bigger money grab by the government from the people who actually produce things in this country?

Atlas Shrugged suggests that the doers in this country will simply stop doing. An actual war type revolution may never happen, and I’m okay with that. But at some point, it will be too much. What happens then?

The revolution is coming.  In one way or another its coming. Eventually, we will run out of other peoples money.