This, is a Suicide Note

It is time to kill the Republican party.


This is being written before the election, however, I am not releasing it until after the election.

This, is a suicide note.

The Republican party, as it does every two years, in every election, fractures. The party as a whole, is an inclusive party at its base. We are, in general, kind, accepting, and tolerant of everyone. We don’t care what color you are, what your faith is, what your orientation is, or what your gender is. We don’t.

We have a Christian right, Libertarian right, Pro Life right, Low Tax right, Conservation right, and NRA right. We have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Atheists. We have straight, gay, trans and bi.

We are inclusive. Everyone who believes in this nation is welcome. No matter where they fall in the previous groups. If you fall under the Republican banner, you ended up here, because of some sort of smaller government, or lower taxes thoughts. We don’t have to like all of the groups that are under our banner, but we accept them, because ultimately, we are fighting for the same thing.

What we CANNOT have, is fracture and divides.

Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” -Gaylord Parkinson, 1966

Trump has been attacked by the left, as we knew would happen. They threw everything at him. Video’s of him talking like a man does, (usually in his youth) women accusing him of assault and sexual misconduct, (all unproven, unlike Bill Clinton) and even his wealth.

After all of these things have been leveled against him, he stood strong.

If this were his only obstacle, he would have won this election by 15 points. (Please remember, I’m writing this before election day. I have no idea what the final tally is. I’ll be very happy if it’s a 15 point win)

Because of the left’s constant smearing of Mr Trump, some of our own have turned against him. Appalled at behavior, that they have found ‘reprehensible.’

The left has done such a good job telling people that Trump is hated across the board, these spineless Republican ‘leaders’ have abandoned ship to try and save themselves. Trying to distance themselves from the people’s candidate. The one that had to beat 16 primary candidates. Many of whom threw massive amounts of money at the problem, hoping to buy their candidacy.

None of it has stopped the Trump train.

Here is the suicide portion.

It is time to kill the Republican party.

Too many of our ‘leaders’ have left our presidential candidate to his own devices. Considering him a poison. Too many of our ‘leaders’ have withheld money. Thinking it has better uses at the local level. Too many of our ‘leaders’ jumped to the other side! Thinking they will have a chance to do something should the Democrats get the White House.

Thankfully, Mr. Trump has poured in millions of his own money. With many big donor also holding back on funds that are usually a lock, Mr Trump has taken it on himself to win. In an interview I heard yesterday with him, he was willing to pour in millions more, to “Make America great again.”

George W Bush, who won two elections under the Republican flag, decided to vote with the DNC. Forgetting, obviously, his promises of smaller government, and lower taxes.

Glenn Beck, a crusader for Ted Cruz and smaller government, has sworn to not vote for Trump. He, apparently, feels that allowing the Clinton’s in, makes more sense for his failing small business. I bought many of his books. The conservatives made him rich, and now we’ve been abandoned by him. The fact that he was going crazy before did push most of us away from him in the first place, but the fact that he will not close his eyes, and vote for the Republican will send him back into anonymity.

Paul Ryan, National Review, Koch brothers. I could make a list of 100 names who have tried to get away from Trump.

However, the support for Trump seems to not wane. In fact, the closer we get to the election, the tighter the polls get.

The Republican party needs to die. We need to put it out of its misery. We cannot fight the fight we are supposed to. We cannot seem to unite against a common enemy, because we don’t agree with our candidate, 100%.

We need to come together, as a group, and tell the ‘leaders’ that have not stood up for what we want, to (frankly) ‘Piss off.’

We, as the population of the Republican party, know what we want. We want this country to operate as it was founded. We want the government out of our lives. We want to take care of ourselves, and not give half the money we make to the government. We know what to do with our money, what is in the best interest of ourselves, our families, and our community.

This country was won with a revolution. This party has won in the past because we were a party of ideas. This party has won, because (in the past) we stuck together. Good or bad. We fought as a family for what was right.

The Republican party has lost its luster. It has lost the life that it once had. It has a cancer in it that cannot be cured by the ones who caused it. The ‘leaders’ that it has, are only feeding it.

It is time to be put down.

Like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes, we will emerge stronger, brighter, with more support than we ever had before.

We need to have a party for one thing. Limited government. Everything else is secondary. Everything outside the purview of that, leave it to the states. We can call it whatever we want, but it cannot be “Republican.”

We need to stand up, as a country, as a party, and be unified. This can no longer happen under the Republican banner. It is time to revolt against the elite, and the establishment. Knock down the ones who are holding us back. Become the party of the founding fathers who built this country with an idea.

It’s time to make the decision to end the life of the Republican party. It’s time to revolt. It’s time to take our country back.

Taxes and Tax Avoidance

Because this country encourages, or at least used to, entrepreneurism. As a person who wants to make more money, more often, I have ambitions.

This election season has brought this idea to the forefront. It happens to be on my mind often. As an individual who makes a decent living, I think about taxes more than most people.  Looking at a post I wrote last week (Here), you can see that taxes drive my thinking.

Over the weekend, the New York Times decided to print Donald Trump’s taxes from the 1990’s, show almost a Billion dollar loss. Thus, he not paying taxes for 16 years.

What drives me crazy this morning, is that, that’s all I see this morning on my Facebook feed. Every other person has posted this, like it’s some terrible crime, and he’s an awful person.

The problem with this, of course, is that everything he did was perfectly legal, and justified. Not only did he have a horrendous year, losing almost a billion dollars, but was public about it! He told the government what he did, and used the tax code to make sure he was covered.

I have a small farm on the side. Its brand new, and I’m hoping to make something out of it. I hope to make a lot of money, selling apples and hops. (Odd combination, I know, but they are both fun and profitable) In my first year, as is common, I took a loss. I had purchased a tractor, planting equipment, trees and plants. I bought fertilizer, weed control, and deer repellent. As with any perennial crop, it takes a bit to get going. The first year is never a success. And for apples, I’m looking at 5 years before I really am able to see any return.

Because this country encourages, or at least used to, entrepreneurism. As a person who wants to make more money, more often, I have ambitions. The government has written these in to encourage business building.

The fact that Mr. Trump’s tax returns were (illegally) released, is an attempt to show how much he has absconded the taxes he is supposed to pay.

Too many people in this country do not know enough about politics, the candidates, or the law that they are trying to pin to Trump. And this is why the New York Times can get away with this.

Make no mistake. This is a hit piece, from a newspaper who contends that they are neutral, giving only the news you need to know. Zero Hedge and others have reported that Hillary Clinton has used the same tax avoidance as Trump did. LEGALLY!

Breitbart has reported the New York Times hasn’t paid taxes either. Why? Because they are losing money. And when you lose money, you don’t pay taxes. That’s the law. Millions take advantage of this every year.

But, the New York Times hasn’t told their readers about themselves not paying. They haven’t told their readers about Hillary using the same tax code. They simply put out one side, and expect it to be passed on as gospel. Which it has been in a lot of circles.

So, why doesn’t the New York Times feel it’s necessary to tell people what others are doing? Why do they feel the need to break the law (or at least bend it very close to breaking) to try and discredit someone?

I can understand if you don’t like a specific candidate. I can understand if you want to promote someone, or discredit someone. You’re a citizen, with opinions. Makes complete sense. I do it every day.

As a news organization, don’t give me the story you want to push, unless you’re clean on the other side. If you, as the New York Times, had paid “your share” of taxes, then I wouldn’t be writing today. But you didn’t. Keep losing money, and not paying into the tax pool. Until then, I’m not sure you’ve got the right to jump on Trump, for using the laws that are written.

Finally, when piling onto Trump for all the evil he has done to this world, perhaps you should look at how you treated him before. Even after he had filed bankruptcy, and built himself back up, you were there for him, New York Times, to laud him. You called him ‘The Comeback King.’

Don’t worry about that part. It’s just now, that he’s evil for doing the business that he’s done. You can read that here, and see for yourself.

Trickle. Down.

Trickle. Down. It’s how water works, in order to keep plants alive. Its how I’m able to have water every day. It’s a ton easier to work with water, than with electric, because electric can go anywhere, at any time. Water has one way to go. Down.

Once rain falls onto the ground, the runoff begins, and it helps everything that it passes through, or lands on. Pretty simple concept.

With that in mind, it’s time to learn about trickle-down economics, which of course, doesn’t work, if you listen to certain people.

I make 1 million dollars a year. I’m doing pretty well. I’m comfortable with where I am. But, take into account the taxes I have to pay. Living in New York, I have to pay $68500 to the state, plus another $432,368 in federal taxes. Over $500,000 in taxes! (New York is 6.85%, and Federal taxes $119,996 plus 39.6%. $500,861…in one year)

Now, it doesn’t matter what the government does with your money. You don’t need to know. Or, read the hundreds of thousands of pages of legislation to see where your money goes. Good luck with that.

So, now I’m left with $499,139. Still pretty great, considering I’m above what most of this country, as far as income goes.

With that much money, I’m now in a position to have things done for me. Addition to the house, cleaning service, pool maintenance, or new blacktop for the driveway.

I’ve also been looking into a boat lately, and my wife needs a new car. She’s had her eye on the new Chevy Silverado. Can’t scrimp there. And don’t forget the boy, who wants a new gun, and bow and arrow.

I don’t have a problem with spending that money. It keeps everyone comfortable. We get what we want or need. And we do it comfortably. What the biggest advantage to all this spending is all the people I’m going to benefit.

The carpenter that I’ve hired can hire a couple guys to put my addition on. I can get the cleaning service to come in once a week, instead of once a month, keeping money going to the employees. The pool company down the street can keep their employees on longer, because I’m one more customer that they have to close a pool on. They get paid too.

My wife gets her new truck, getting her salesman 1 sale closer to his bonus for the month, and another business has income coming in. The local sporting goods store now has two new sales, plus service customers until it’s time for a replacement gun or bow.

Now, with all the money that I’ve just spent, I’ve paid for at least 15 employees, kept the lights on in multiple businesses, and let them keep passing the money around. The trickle down has begun. And everyone that has been paid from my business, gets to do things like I have just done, and keep the money moving.

If the government were to allow me to keep more of the money I make, less than 50%, I would be able to do even more with my money. Spreading it around to more businesses and companies.

Poor people don’t hire people. I know. I’ve done manual labor most of my life. I was given opportunities by a lot of people who hired me, to pull my way up the economic ladder. People with money, hired me to do work for them, when I didn’t have much.

Lower taxes means more money in your pocket. More money in your pocket, means you’re going to spend more. When you spend more, other people make more money. When those people make more money, they can spend more. And on and on it goes.

Trickle-down economics works. It worked in the mid-80s, and it will work today. It just needs to be implemented again.


I’ve talked with friends of mine, most of whom are not politically connected, and tell them how bad it is, especially for the Conservatives in this country. I’ve often told them that at some point, there will be a rise of the quiet majority who have had enough, and take back what is theirs. 

I read a story this morning about Pro-Immigration supporters who decided to storm a house of Eric Cantor. The opinion by-line asked “when was the last time conservatives stormed anything?” (

The question posed has nothing to do with the point of the story, more the way it was asked. Why haven’t conservatives risen up to this point? We see our rights being more and more limited everyday, forced to pay more in taxes to support a government that can’t pass, let alone live with a budget. 

When does the revolution begin? Who starts it? There are more things going on now, that restrict what we can do, more taxes than we’ve ever had before, and there is no sign of it coming to an end anytime soon. Our forefathers fought a revolution because they were being taxed by a tyrant. 

What is the difference here? Obamacare is a bill that is despised by more than half the US population, yet it was passed. It creates another tax on those who work, only to give it to people who don’t. The percentage of taxation that the King wanted from the colonies was nothing, and they revolted. We were all taught it while we were young. No taxation without representation. 

Who is representing us now? We have elections, but which government branch have we elected that has kept his or her promises? Which one of them has told us what we wanted to hear, then did exactly that? While some of the population believes that we should continue paying these tax rates, most of us don’t. Those that do have a socialist mindset, or are the ones among us that just continue to leach off the system.

When does it begin? When do the ones who have been quietly watching this country slip into complacency stop letting it all just happen and revolt? Will it take an even bigger money grab by the government from the people who actually produce things in this country?

Atlas Shrugged suggests that the doers in this country will simply stop doing. An actual war type revolution may never happen, and I’m okay with that. But at some point, it will be too much. What happens then?

The revolution is coming.  In one way or another its coming. Eventually, we will run out of other peoples money.